Classy Acrylic Soap Dishes That Define Luxury

The products we source at Krishna Industries are designed to ensure that even the smallest detail about your bathing experience is given attention. That is why the acrylic soap dishes we create are not only optimal solutions to keep your soap but also an opportunity to bring elegance to the design and décor of your bathroom.


Shower in style with our acrylic soap dish.


Elegant Style:

Our acrylic soap dish manufacturers and suppliers provide soap containers made of acrylic that have a sleek and modern design that can be effortlessly assimilated into any stylish home. The visual appeal with neat lines, smooth surfaces, and glamorous clarity triumphantly elevates by creating a feeling of luxury and refinement in the bathroom.


Superior Caliber:

The clear acrylic soap dish crafted from acrylic material of premium quality is made to last. Unsimilar to classic ceramic or plastic soap dishes, acrylic brings durability, toughness, and luxury to the interior. Our soap dishes are waterproof and resistant to stains and marks, giving them a long-lasting appearance and practicality.


Transparent Elegance:

The clear features of acrylic materials lend our acrylic soap stand a sense of sophisticated refinement. By letting the light go through and ensuring a feeling of space, acrylic soap dishes develop a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom by making your everyday bathing activity the pleasure of your life.

Adaptable Features:

Our acrylic soap holders are made in a way to give the house soap bars of sake and various shapes, thereby also serving the function of keeping them hygienic. Do you prefer the classical bar soap or the handmade arty soap? The dishes will make your soap wet, but thankfully ours have drain holes, so mix and match till you find your perfect match.


Simple Upkeep:

A pristine acrylic soap dish for shower is no mystery! It's easy to maintain. Don’t even have to worry about difficult cleaning processes—easy as sweeping with a damp rag or an ordinary soap wipe to keep them looking like new! Acrylic, which is a more impermeable material in contrast to ceramics, doesn’t allow for the growth of mold and mildew, so selecting it is a very good decision for a healthy bathroom environment.


Enhanced Décor:

Moreover, our acrylic soap trays improve your bathroom’s décor. Their sophisticated and modern design, which goes well with different kinds of design styles ranging from contemporary and minimal to classy and elegant, allows you to integrate.

Shop the most elite of our acrylic soap dishes today with Krishna Industries.


  • Dimensional Stability
  • Perfect Finish
  • Innovative Design


  • Three In One
  • Four In One
  • Single Square
  • Double Square

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