The acrylic soap dish is one of the best products in our catalog to offer customers. These days people look for a sophisticated soap dish in their well-designed bathrooms, sinks and wash basins. Taking into consideration the huge requirement and choice of customers we at Krishna Industries, design our own products according to the needs and deeds of the customer. We at Krishna Industries are acrylic soap dish manufacturers, suppliers and exporters not only in Rajkot (Gujarat) but all over India and are on the verge of expanding our horizons globally slowly but steadily. Our products are designed keeping in consideration of best deliverance of quality; our team of experts is highly skilled to meet customer's needs.

Our wall mounted clear acrylic soap dish passes the entire quality test and is rechecked by all experts before handing the same to our customers. For us serving the individual customer with utmost enthusiasm is our key to success for these many years since the inception of this company. Our products are of higher quality and durability compared to the other local products. You can rest assured if you are investing your money in our product which will provide you not only buying satisfaction but also the satisfaction of durable usage of the money invested. We don't constraint ourselves from coming up with new and unique ideas as we know that in today's era new expeditions are more than welcomed by the crowd. We never claim to be the best soap dish supplier but our customers say this on our behalf. Buy our acrylic soap stand holder for the bathroom wall and feel the worth of using it.

Found in various styles like round, square, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 round/square, the acrylic soap dishes are unique. The multiple spaced ones offer lots of space for soaps and other products and come with improved barriers making it the most cost-effective option.


  • Dimensional Stability
  • Perfect Finish
  • Innovative Design


  • Three In One
  • Four In One
  • Single Square
  • Double Square

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