Maximize Your Home or Bathroom Space with Attractive Acrylic Shelves

We at Krishna Industries came up with a series of these elegantly designed acrylic wall mounted shelves to provide owners with functional and aesthetic purposes while at the same time upgrading their living or workspace.
Our attractive acrylic shelves can help you maximize space:
Sleek Design:

Our clear acrylic shelves for walls are designed in a sleek and minimalistic fashion that adds some modern sophistication to any room where you install them. Have no worries if you love to display decorative items, organize essentials, or make a focal point because our acrylic floating shelves perfectly suit all types of decorations, from classical to modern, so they'll blend in and be an asset to your space.
Transparent Beauty:

An acrylic wall shelf is durable and lightweight, providing customers with a transparent and weight-free choice over conventional shelving options. The see-through acrylic shelf is a trick that creates the look of space, even in small rooms, making it appear spacious and open. 
Versatile Functionality:

You can go with floating, corner, or any other shelf you want, and we can ensure that we mold our acrylic shelf design to give you a versatile approach to dealing with space issues, whether in your home or workspace. We can have the walls be “l” or round or straight, but all with different levels of separation to handle all the storage spaces that you need, depending on the room, be it the bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom, or living room.
Easy Installation:

At the end of everything, we barely use acrylic shelving installation hardware and an instruction pouch in this installation. If you are an enthusiastic DIY person and you are interested in a professional installation, our shelves will facilitate the installation on a wall surface in a very short time.

Durable Performance:

Despite seeming fragile, our brilliant acrylic bathroom shelf does not only merely complement the look of your space, but it has been proven to be very reliable over long periods. Unlike wood or metal shelving, which tends to rot, rust, and fade, acrylic, which doesn't succumb to moisture, corrosion, or rain, will preserve the aesthetic value of your shelving in the long run.
Enhanced Organization:

This aim can be accomplished by the correlation of additional storage segments and ensuring that your things are located in a well-arranged system. Our acrylic shelf for bathroom lead to a clean and fashionable layout. It doesn’t depend on whether it is books, photos, art, or you just need to decorate; this shelf will work fine for you and all occupied minds. Additionally, as a result, you will get a clean and organized place.

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Excellent finish
Easy to mount on wall
Attractive look

12 x 5
15 x 5
18 x 5

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