Stylish Acrylic Toothbrush Holders and Tumblers

We at Krishna Industries provide you with the best bathroom accessories that are a classic combination of basic functionalities and appearance. For this reason, we don’t just sell tumblers and toothbrush holders made of acrylic, we go a step further and ensure that these pieces combine aesthetics and function in your bathroom while keeping your essentials organized.

Here's why our acrylic toothbrush holders and tumblers are the perfect addition to your bathroom:

Trendy Style:

The acrylic toothbrush holder and tumblers we craft from acrylic material represent the contemporary style, smooth lines, and sophisticated design that you can use to enhance the look of any washroom. With angles, colorlessness, and minimal design these units nicely go along a variety of décor styles, from modern to traditional.

Sturdy Design:

The toothbrush and clear acrylic toothbrush holders are constructed of one-piece acrylic. They will never break. Undeniably, acrylic is the industry's first choice as a material for bathroom accessories because of its durability, toughness, and repellency to water.

Adaptable Shelves:

We specifically design our toothbrush holders and acrylic bathroom tumblers to hold up to the number of toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes you want and can conveniently place them in areas where you can reach them easily. A rattan or bamboo tray will enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic and serve as the perfect holder for other bathroom necessities, such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, or makeup brushes, eliminating the necessity of countertop clutter.

Easy to Clean:

Making our acrylic bathroom toothbrush holder and tumbler clean is very easy. Similarly, just wipe them with a damp dishcloth or mild soap to dissolve any dirt or residue. In contrast to the other materials that may come with contaminants like bacteria and molds, acrylic is non-permeable and hygienic enough to be sanitized, providing a cleaner restroom environment.

Space-Saving Options:

Our wall mounted toothbrush holder and tumblers of are very well crafted to maximize space utilization in your bathroom. Their compactness makes them size appropriate to any countertop or vanity, consequently giving you a sense of space as you admire the fusion of style and organization.


At Krishna Industries we provide customization options to fit your very needs and wants. Whether you are into a particular shade, a specific size, or a special design, our team is dedicated to manufacturing a functional acrylic toothbrush and toothpaste holder that expresses your style while blending in with your bathroom.

Enjoy the fruitful combination of fashion and practicality by visiting our website where you will find our acrylic toothbrush holders with tumblers. Go to our shop now and turn your bathroom into a neat, furnished haven.

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