Acrylic Phone Holders: Transparency, Innovation, Convenience.

We at Krishna Industries utilize modern technology where techniques play their part whilst maintaining classicities of style. We have created acrylic phone holders keeping in mind all the important aspects of the product which makes it an absolute must for the digital devices of the users.

Here's why our acrylic phone holders stand out:


Our Acrylic mobile stand manufacturers and suppliers use the finest acrylic material while making phone holders that are super clear and therefore yield the best possible transparency, contrast, and color so that your pristine smartphone or tablet design is visible. Do not cover the enchanting attractiveness of your device with the opaque holders; we raise your gear aesthetics with our acrylic holders combing them with elegance to your workspace or bedside table.


Our see-through acrylic phone stands are fabricated with modern mechanisms that enable their overall utilization and functionality. Regardless of whether you are using the holder for hands-free video calls, your device to be charged throughout the night, or to have a handy desk organizer that you can reach quickly, holders of various types can fit all your specific requirements.


Acrylic mobile phone stands are equipped with an ergonomic design along with adjustable angles they give you a hand-free and comfortable experience while you watch your favorite program. No matter what activity you enjoy doing on your device (whether it's watching videos, typing emails, or surfing the web) our products are fit to make sure that your neck and wrists are at rest without any strains while allowing you to use these devices without any discomfort.


This acrylic has a reputation for great endurance and is the ideal material for wall mounted acrylic mobile stands that withstand everyday wear. The scratches do not affect the performance and our holders are easy to clean, very durable, and will not shatter even in the most hostile usage conditions. That results in a high level of performance and maintenance of the appearance of our holders for years.


Our multipurpose acrylic mobile phone holders can work with a broad spectrum of devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and so on. From the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy to the iPad and the Kindle, all our cases guarantee that your devices will stand still on a platform that further protects them thus, giving you peace of mind.

Space-Saving Design:

We take the available space from your desktop, nightstand, or countertop to the highest possible extent with our handmade acrylic phone holders. The compact construction and low-profile size make them perfect for small spaces, with the contemporary styling offering an impression of class and elegance even in a minimalist setting.

The transparency, the Hi-Tech, and the portability of Krishna Industries are the features of our acrylic mobile holders. Explore it today and be the most stylish with all the modern functions.

Easy to Maintain
Unique Design
Light Weight

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